One-on-One Private Training

Semi-Private Training (2 to 4 people)

Group Classes

All training types can be tailored to your fitness level. Semi-Private and One-on-One Private training can target specific goals, account for injuries, and can be adjusted to personal workout preferences. 


"Victor has been my personal trainer for the past 4 1/2 years. He helped me loose my 'baby weight' after my second child and has since gotten me into the best shape since I had my first child. He's also helped me step up my volleyball game with agility and strength training, is very flexible and easily works with my various requests including boxing and complex circuits. He is knowledgable and up-to-date with training rountines. My husband currently trains with him as well!" -Michelle Kanaley

"Since working with Victor, I've lost over 30 pounds and feel like I am stronger now than I have ever been before. I actually look forward to working out, something I can't say I've ever experienced in the past. Victor makes exercising fun, but also challenging and obviously effective. He's been amazing to work with and has motivated me to work out on my own and even run, which I used to hate! I can say without a doubt that I could not have gotten to where I am now, fitness-wise, were it not for Victor's help. He's invaluable." -Susan Hudgins

"I have struggled with various injuries for many years (bad knees, sensitive back, etc.) and have always been nervous about working out for fear of 'tweaking' something. However, I never need to worry about this when I'm exercising with Victor. He always custom tailors my routine to take into account how my body is feeling. He is always very motivating and helps me stay positive when I'm feeling frustrated by my physical limitations. I feel stronger now than I have in a long time and I attribute that directly to his guidance. Best trainer I have ever had." -Ben Hudgins